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What’s in my food?

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In this modern age of processed foods and the widespread use of artificial chemicals to enhance everything from taste and appearance to shelf life, you can no longer take it for granted that you know what is in your food … Continued

Gluten intolerance or coeliac disease?

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These days, it is all too common to hear people saying that they are “intolerant”, “sensitive” or allergic to certain foods. At the top of the list are dairy, lactose, wheat, yeast, sugar, additives and gluten, but there are many … Continued

Colon cleansing

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What does the colon do? In order to understand what the colon does, how it works and how its state can affect our health, it’s helpful first to learn a little about the greater digestive system of which it forms … Continued

Blood sugar blues?

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A persons blood sugar level is basically the amount of glucose present in their blood at any given time. You might be wondering why anyone would need to know this? Well, keeping your blood sugar balanced is one of the … Continued

Bad breath and poor digestion

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Everyone’s experienced bad breath at some point, particularly first thing in the morning. However, when it becomes a lingering problem, it can cause embarrassment and have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. For instance, in terms of … Continued

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